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This approach combines Lean Methodology, focusing on optimizing flow, increasing speed and reducing waste, with Six Sigma statistical tools to identify root causes and reduce defects.

The Lean Sigma combination provides powerful improvement tools to address chronic operational problems, particularly the seven wastes of health care:. Examples and exercises apply Lean Sigma tools with health care-specific scenarios to improve patient safety, clinical outcomes and organizational efficiencies.

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The course reviews statistical concepts applicable to health care, such as normality, stability and capability, as well as the most common statistical tests. Johns Hopkins Medicine employees: No cost.

Seats limited. Email LeanSigma jhmi.

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Participants in this course learn by doing. As they are introduced to Lean tools, they practice using them during hands-on exercises that simulate the inefficient systems encountered in their workplaces.

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  • Explore Lean and Six Sigma tools in health care through hands-on applications, exercises and projects. After taking this course, the participant will be able to:.

    This course is designed for health care professionals interested in or tasked with increasing efficiency in care delivery, including:.

    Laura Winner, R. Senior Director, Lean Sigma Deployment.

    Robert Hody, B. Director, Lean Sigma Development.

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    Scott Burkett, B. Senior Quality and Innovation Coach.

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    Wilson Lamy, B. Richard Hill, B.

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    Erica Reinhardt, M. Participants must provide a laptop with an XP, Vista, or other Windows operating system for the class.

    Prior to the course, participants should complete pre-reading assignments and identify a Lean Sigma project within their organization in order to apply the tools and concepts learned.

    Please see our cancellation and refund policy.

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    Email leansigma jhmi. The Armstrong Institute offers a range of training opportunities, educational conferences and other services. See our offerings. Voices for Safer Care offers insights and resources from our experts.

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